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Good Vibes HERE


Good Vibes HERE

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OH MY GOSH. I have such wonderful friends. ;A;I’m talking about you hottopicdogeboyfriend and hatos.
Holy poop.
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I have such wonderful friends. ;A;

I’m talking about you hottopicdogeboyfriend and hatos.

Holy poop.

What a fucking nerd

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hatos sent: #I WILL TOUCH THOSE MOLES AND GOD DAMN I HOPE I GET HIGHEST SETTING OF VIBRATE aoba-san thats so forward of u :*

It’s my birthday, I can be as forward as I want to!

Name three characters you think of when you think of me.

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#Pleasee? #;///; 
Anonymous sent: I was looking to find someone to commission a rogue of void cosplay

So a Roxy Lalonde GodTier basically? :)
With the hood, gloves and shirt it should be about 85$

With the Mask it’ll be about 90$

Shipping isn’t included but should be about 5$!

essence0faugust sent: Don't worry too much about your height! When I went to my first con recently, I (175cm) towered over everyone there (mostly Levi's heh) but that means if there's a crowd you can see above them all. *-*

Oh my goodness. Bless you!
We’re so close in height. xD
But hey you’re right, we’re always visible in crowds and can see over them. xD

Anonymous sent: could i ask an estimate cost if i were to commission a homestuck god tier cosplay from you?

Of course! :)
Just message me again with  the cosplay in mind and I’ll give you the estimate~ :3

thestarssingtome sent: oh my gosh we're like opposites?? i'm 5'0 and i always want to cosplay tall people :oo

It’s like how people with curly hair want straight hair and vise versa.

Whenever I cosplay I seem to be the giant at the meetups at cons. ;////;